Shoulder pain is unbearable after sitting for 8 hours at work, how to relieve it?

Many friends reported that long hours of work are the most likely to cause stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulders, and some people find it difficult to relieve it even with plaster or massage. In fact, shoulder and neck stiffness may be caused by various reasons, and it is necessary to prescribe the right medicine.

The biggest cause of shoulder pain is the “autonomous nerve”

The autonomic nervous system is a control system that regulates, largely unconsciously, bodily functions such as heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, endocrine functions, and metabolism, including the sympathetic nerves that function in excitability and those that function in a resting state of parasympathetic nerves. If this balance is disturbed, the sympathetic nerves take over, blood vessels and nerves become tense, and blood flow tightens and constricts, causing muscle stiffness, stiff shoulders, and other physical ailments.

The pain is mostly in the neck and around the trapezius muscle. This is due to the fact that the trapezius supports the head, so it is easy to get stiff around the trapezius. When the condition worsens, there will be soreness in the back of the head, which may develop into a headache.

When blood circulation is poor, muscles swell and bruise, and metabolic waste builds up, causing pain and tension. Also, the swelling of the muscles gradually compresses the blood vessels, resulting in poorer blood circulation.

Therefore, we need to take steps to break the vicious cycle, reduce pain and improve blood circulation. What can cause shoulder and neck pain in daily life?

Stiff shoulders are caused by various postures and actions in everyday life. Stiff shoulders at work are most likely caused by posture, cold, or stress.

●Bad posture, keeping the same posture for a long time At work, often working in the same posture for a long time, such as operating a computer at a desk, puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders and neck. Especially when using a laptop computer, because the screen is relatively small, the human body will habitually look down, so it will appear rounded and hunched, which will easily block blood flow.

In addition, many people look down at their mobile phones for a long time, forming a “mobile phone neck” and “head forward”, which also put a great burden on the neck, so you should always pay attention to your posture.

●cold Cold is the enemy of women.

Women’s muscle rate is lower than that of men, and their metabolism is slower. When the blood circulation is poor, the body tends to feel cold and stiff, and the shoulders will also stiffen. Not only in winter, but also in hot summer. Especially after sweating in outdoor activities, entering the air-conditioned room at once will make the body cold. Excessive use of air conditioners, frequent trips between indoors and outdoors with large temperature differences, etc., will cause the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves to lose balance.


When the mind is tense and irritable, the sympathetic nerve in the autonomic nervous system takes the dominant position, and the muscles of the shoulder and neck continue to be tense, blocking blood flow, causing stiffness and pain in the shoulder and neck. How to improve shoulder and neck stiffness? In order to eliminate shoulder and neck stiffness, it is necessary to start from either the pain relief or the improvement of blood circulation to break the vicious cycle. Here are some easy ways and gymnastics to help you ease discomfort at work.

●Elevate the position of the computer and sit on a shallow chair If you have to sit and work for a long time every day, it is recommended to adjust the position of the computer on the desktop so that the computer screen is at eye level so as not to look down.

Sitting posture is also very important. If you sit deep in a chair, your spine will bend and your posture will suffer. Therefore, please sit on the edge of the chair. You can put a magazine on the back of the chair, so that the seat will be tilted, and you can sit very shallow naturally, so that the spine can be stretched and a good posture can be maintained.

●Gymnastics to relieve shoulder pain

Expand your chest and slowly lift your shoulders until you feel your shoulders lift above your neck, then slowly lower your shoulders. A group of 4 times, insist on doing 3 groups every day, can effectively relieve pain.

●Gymnastics to strengthen shoulder muscles

While sitting in a chair, straighten your back, let your arms hang by your sides, and slowly inhale to lift your arms and shoulders until they are level. At this time, it is more effective to hold an object of 500g to 1kg. A group of 20 times, two groups per day. However, this action should be done according to one’s ability. If you feel numbness in your hands or difficulty in grasping objects, you may have frozen shoulder or cervical spondylosis, you need to stop the action and consult a doctor.

●warm shoulder and neck

Applying hot compresses to the shoulder and neck area to improve blood circulation is also an effective method of improvement. It is recommended to strengthen the heat compress on the trapezius muscle at the junction between the neck and the shoulder, because this part is particularly prone to stiffness. Thermal shoulder and neck patches that can be applied directly to the skin Nuanyou’s hot compress shoulder and neck stickers are made of medical grade high-quality adhesive, which can be directly attached to the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin; the patented sheet-type heating core can evenly control the temperature at 41°C, and heat up for 3-4 hours to promote blood circulation. Relax the shoulder and neck area, relieve pain and stiffness.

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